Kickstand Productions Presents
Lorna Shore, Aborted, Ingested, Angelmaker, Ov Sulfur
with Lorna Shore, Aborted, Ingested, Angelmaker, Ov Sulfur
Tue 11/15/2022 6:30 pm CST (Doors: 6:00 pm )
Ages 17 and Up
Lorna Shore

The name Lorna Shore conjures up a dark veil of mystique through referencing a shadowy character in the Batman epic, but it doesn’t overtly evoke a band sound.

From the name alone, you would never know Lorna Shore is a five-piece metal band from New Jersey with a highly individualized take on deathcore, and that’s the way the guys prefer it. After three crushing and well-received EPs, the band now readies its most definitive work, the masterful debut full length, Psalms (Density/Workhorse Music Group).

“When you hear the name Lorna Shore, it sounds ominous, but it doesn’t put us in a category,” explains guitarist Adam De Micco. “Our music is under the metal umbrella, but we explore ideas from all facets of metal.”

Lorna Shore ‘s unique signature aesthetic spans death metal, black metal, power metal, and progressive rock for a style that encompasses brutal breakdowns, dazzling technical passages, white-knuckle-ride dynamics, and rich textured moments. Since 2010, the quintet has released three critically acclaimed EPs, each one garnering more rave reviews and fan engagement than the last. “Godmaker,” leadoff track from the band’s previous release, has garnered a staggering 401,260 views to date. The band has toured as part of the Die Without Hope Tour with Carnifex, I Declare War, Here Comes the Kraken, and Assassins.  And, though the band is firmly respected in the deathcore scene, earning praise from tastemakers like and, they’ve also been able hit the road with more diverse packages such as The Metal Alliance Tour with legends Deicide, along with Entombed A.D., Hate Eternal, Black Crown Initiate, and Svart Crown. LORNA SHORE is Tom Barber (vocals), Adam De Micco (guitar), Connor Deffley (guitar) Gary Herrera (bass), and Austin Archey (drums).

Lorna Shore has waited five years to release a full-length album, holding back because of quality over quantity ideals. Now, with the support of a label and the strongest material the band has written, Lorna Shore issues, Psalms. The 10-track album opens with “Grimoire” which begins with a sinister orchestral motif that soon decays, yielding to guttural vocals. The track epitomizes the labyrinthine feel of the album with extremes of cavernous black metal lows, astounding displays of neo-classical lead guitar wizardry, and unrelenting breakdowns. Conceptually, the album traverses abuse of power, both religious and governmental, and dark spirituality. The harrowing “From The Pale Mist” reveals an intriguing perspective on purgatory. Psalms concludes with Eternally Oblivion, a sensory assault that invigoratingly melds jaw-dropping instrumental work with mystical lyrics and vocals.

The album represents a watershed moment for the band. It was produced by one of extreme music’s finest producers, Will Putney (The Acacia Strain, For Today, Miss May I, Upon a Burning Body, among many others), at New Jersey’s modern metal iconic studio, the Machine Shop. “It was something of a dream to record with him, we’ve waited years to be able to do this,” Adam reveals.

Up next, Lorna Shore is keeping with its humble and tireless work ethic and hitting the road this summer. “Making this album feels great, but we are a goal-oriented band so we’re looking at how we can challenge ourselves next,” Adam says.

Ov Sulfur