Rudio Fest Presents
Aterciopelados, The Braided Janes
with Aterciopelados, The Braided Janes
Wed 12/06/2023 7:00 pm CST (Doors: 6:00 pm )
Ages 17 and Up
Aterciopelados is the most emblematic band of Colombian rock. They possess an enormous repertoire of classics, such as: Florecita Rockera, Bolero Falaz, Maligno, El Álbum and more others), while staying relevant by experimenting, creating, and adapting. Andrea Echeverri and Conector have journeyed through the alternative Ibero-American music scene for 30 years. They are winners of 3 Latin Grammys for their albums 'Gozo Poderoso' in 2001, 'Oye' in 2007, and 'Claroscura' in 2018; and have been nominated 6 times for the Grammy Awards.

This dynamic duo has written part of Colombian history in choruses and verses, with a feminine voice, they have lamented its violence and committed themselves to a possible future, fairer and less violent.

With 11 albums: 'Con el Corazón en la Mano' (1993), 'El Dorado' (1995), 'La Pipa De La Paz' (1996), 'Caribe Atómico' (1998), 'Gozo Poderoso' (2000), 'Evolución' (2002), 'Oye' (2006), 'Río' (2008), 'Reluciente, Rechinante y Aterciopelado' (2016), 'Claroscura' (2018), and 'Tropiplop' (2021), they have transcended in the industry, breaking stereotypes, creating music with messages of female empowerment, environmental awareness, melodrama, impossible loves, and possible peace processes.

In 2021, they presented their latest album 'Tropiplop', a cry in defense of art, women, and the planet, which earned them 2 nominations for the 2021 Latin Grammy Awards. They also released the singles ‘No Se Viola’ (ft. La Muchacha), ‘Ovarios’ (ft. Vivir Quintana) and ‘Plañidera’ (ft. Las Áñez), which were part of Andrea Echeverri's art exhibition ‘Ovarios Calvarios’.

During 2022, they toured Europe, Latin America & the United States with the 'Tropiplop Tour'; they released the singles: ‘Síganme los buenos’ in collaboration with Bomba Estéreo and ‘Volver a Solreír’ with Ruben Albarrán from Café Tacvba. They also premiered the music video for the song ‘Meditacielo’ included in the album 'Tropiplop,' and their episode of 'BIOS. VIDAS QUE MARCARON LA TUYA' on National Geographic, where they took an emotional and revealing journey through the history of Aterciopelados."

For this 2023, Aterciopelados commemorates the 28th anniversary of their album 'El Dorado' (1995) with a major tour across Colombia, Latin America, United States, and Europe.

The Braided Janes