Bottom Lounge and Kickstand Productions Present
Des Rocs, Jigsaw Youth
with Des Rocs, Jigsaw Youth
Fri 04/26/2024 8:00 pm CDT (Doors: 7:00 pm )
Ages 17 and Up
Des Rocs
Des Rocs is a fearsome force of nature, a self-invented rock ‘n’ roll star for a new age and a generation seeking direction, astreetwalking cheetah with a heart full of napalm on a mission to search and destroy our social media-addled brains. The artistotherwise known as Danny Rocco is an original... sui generis, taking elements of the past and forging a fresh destiny forhigh-energy guitar, bass and drums electric music.Dream Machine, his new album, and first for legendary rock indie Sumerian Records, is Des Rocs’ vehicle to take us along tothat place... where life is heightened, and rock ‘n’ roll once more rules the zeitgeist. He’s not going to be a best-kept secret forlong. His brand of self-titled “bedroom arena-rock” – which captures a blend of DIY intimacy and large-scale vision – is ready toinfect the masses, to find the artistic tightrope within that populist thrust. Every performance is “on the edge of life and death”for Des Rocs, who works without a safety net in a “Never Ending Moment.” He was born to do this.“Dream Machine is the beginning of the journey into the Des Cinematic Universe, my vessel of escape. I’ve spent my lifedreaming a rock ‘n’ roll vision that is grand and entirely modern, standing on the shoulders of giants, but filtered through my ownlens and life experiences,” says the man about his follow-up to his 2021 feature-length debut, A Real Good Person in a Real BadPlace.Produced by both Alain Johannes [Queens of the Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures, PJ Harvey], Matt Wallace [Faith No More,Maroon 5] and Danny Rocco, Dream Machine offers a bold invitation to follow Des down his rock ‘n’ rollin’ “Alice inWonderland” rabbit hole, a journey to the center of the singer/songwriter/guitar hero’s messianic mind, leading us out of ourdoldrums back to the glory days of classic rock, psychedelia, metal, punk, grunge, hardcore and into the future.Once again accompanied by his fellow power trio members, bassist Eric Mendelsohn and drummer Will Tully, Dream Machineevokes the thunder and lightning of metal gods past (“Bad Blood”), the wide-screen whisper-to-a-scream mythmaking of thecinematic string-orchestrated set piece, “In the Night” and the Flamenco-flavored acoustic guitar solo which intros the firstsingle, “Never Ending Moment,” in which Des anticipates the ending of a relationship with a kind of reverse nostalgia.Boasting the hip swivel of vintage Elvis Presley and the playful sneer of Johnny Thunders, this proud New Yorker found his truecalling after dark on the streets of New York City’s downtown club scene and around the country, playing with the samebug-eyed intensity to the back row, whether in front of 90 people or 90,000, opening for the Rolling Stones at Philadelphia’sLincoln Financial Field (which he did in 2019 right before Covid). Des Rocs has also opened for Muse in arenas across Europe.“Making music for us is existential,” says Des, a proud heir of the New York City rock tradition which spans the VelvetUnderground, Kiss, the Ramones, Sonic Youth and the Strokes. “We spend our whole life just making it possible to play musicwithout a real day job. We’re just so happy to be on-stage.”You can hear that joy of primal rock ‘n’ all over Dream Machine. The title track opens with a bone-weary driver, “It’s 2:10 in themorning/I’m on the BQE,” referring to New York’s Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. It’s a fever dream that boasts a singalongchorus which takes you on its own psychedelic trip that recalls the doomsaying of Jim Morrison. “Come on take a joy ride/In mydream machine.”“Natural Born Thriller” and “I Am the Lightning,” both dealing with Des’ shaman-like passion to entertain and perform as wellas a personal self-empowering pep talk, boast ominous bass lines and thunderous metallic guitar riffs that distinguish a vision thatis equal parts messianic, dystopian and apocalyptic.“This music is the antithesis of that too-cool-for-school, navel-gazing indie-rock scene,” insists Des. “I grew up worshiping thatbig sound and theatricality, watching Queen at Wembley as a little kid in my underwear.”“I firmly believe your chances of success are the same whether you try to imitate something else, and join the herd, or dosomething unique,” he says. “So, you might as well be true to yourself and your vision.“We spend our whole life struggling to be able to make music itself. We are just so grateful to be on-stage.”Des Rocs reigns as a disciple of rock n’ roll, wielding his musical prowess to conjure a spellbinding bridge between past andpresent. Dream Machine is the thrilling vessel for his journey, the finely-tuned engine of transformation he’s prepared to unleashon the world. This electrifying force of rock n’ roll is his life, his salvation… and he wants to make it yours as well.
Jigsaw Youth
Jigsaw Youth is an all female punk/grunge band from Staten Island, NY that brings a
new wave of raw distortion and elements of 90s alternative rock. It’s members
include Maria Alvarez on bass and vocals, Nastacha Beck on guitar, and Alex
Dmytrow on drums!