Eidola w/ Royal Coda, Wolf & Bear, Sani Bronco
with Eidola, Royal Coda, Wolf & Bear, Sani Bronco
Sat 07/06/2024 7:00 pm CDT (Doors: 6:00 pm )
Ages 17 and Up
EIDOLA have returned to utterly defy expectations and reach exhilarating heights. The enigmatic existential post-hardcore band hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah is back once again to push the limits of the art form to its breaking point. Seeking to explore new territory with an ambitious follow up to their critically acclaimed album The Architect, the dynamically heavy and deeply sorrowful Eviscerate paves eclectically violent sonic ground while remaining true to the band’s profound lyricism and meaning.

If you could sum up Eidola’s genre-annihilating decade of creating music it might be insightful, explorative, deeply emotional, extremely dynamic post-hardcore. Eviscerate underlines the urgency of the human condition and captures the depth of sorrow, loss, and hatred in modernity
Royal Coda

Royal Coda formed out of friendship between musicians. What started as a solo side project by Sergio Medina, quickly turned into the band they are today. Royal Coda is signed to Blue Swan Records with 3 full length releases on the label. The most recent “To Only a Few at First” was released August 2022 to hit a band first week high of 3200 sales. Royal Coda is Kurt Travis, Will Swan, Sergio Medina, and Steffen Gotsch. The band is quickly making a name for themselves as a major player in the post-hardcore music scene.