Thursday Aug 1
Bottom Lounge & C3 Present


10:00 PM Doors / 11:00 PM Show
17 & Over


HONNE’s hugely-accomplished second album, ‘Love Me / Love Me Not’ (Atlantic Records), captures the duality of life’s ups and downs, with half the tracks exploring life’s positives – love, nostalgia and contentment (Love Me) and the other half life’s great difficulties – heartbreak, anxiety and grief (Love Me Not). The album draws heavily upon the balancing act of navigating between two states at once: whether it’s the honeymoon period high of a relationship, the frustration of a long-distance separation or the fear of losing someone close, HONNE’s lyrics dial in at the reality of most people’s lives.

Appropriately, the band have already built themselves a truly global audience, with over half a billion streams, sold-out tours, and several surprises along the way (see a triple-platinum album in South Korea). Theirs is a truly modern success story which is pushed further still in the split rollout of second album ‘Love Me / Love Me Not’ – a record which acknowledges that for every peak, a challenge is around the corner, and equally that whenever life overwhelms you, better times are ahead.


ROLE MODEL | Bottom Lounge

ROLE MODEL amalgamates influence from R&B, world music, neo-soul, surf rock, dream pop, synth pop, avant-garde, and more, injecting his own introspective fervor and synthesizing a characteristically soft flock of unforgettable new-age tracks. The single deals in human emotions and is an unabashedly candid glimpse into the nascent perturbations that define adolescent coming-of-age. It won’t get easier, but recounting life in all its varying emotions helps us to relate to one another.

Situational anxiety plays a large role in Pillsbury’s tendency to gravitate towards the melancholic tug of emotional distress. ARIZONA IN THE SUMMER began in March of 2017 when Pillsbury suffered a life-threatening ski accident, putting him in a cast for months. Soon after healing from his first injury, Pillsbury suffered the unfortunate fate of breaking both of his wrists, back-to-back sending him back down the black hole that is bodily injury and the subsequent isolation and disquietude that follows.

Stylistically, Pillsbury’s vocal aesthetic beckons to a fleeting past, igniting the hippocampus with gleeful memories of being tucked in at night, first love, and the thermal sense of security of a loved ones embrace. ROLE MODEL’s sonic environment is a discourse on human nature, and even those with a rudimentary understanding of such matters need not look further than their own intuition to understand that such feelings of security and comfort come at a pricy cost. “Creating this piece was shutting my eyes, turning into my escape from the despair — I hope it can do the same for others” says Pillsbury, the saccharine vocals that lay the groundwork for the project are tinged with a hint of dejection. For all of its unadulterated glisten, Pillsbury’s voice is equal parts the incandescent flicker of the suffering: it’s human.

ROLE MODEL eases ones tensions across all identities. He vocalizes the pieces and emotions of life we are most afraid of. He provides us with support…something to hold onto. ROLE MODEL proves to us that we all have our flaws and emotional discouragement, but it can help to be honest with ourself during those times.

A role model isn’t picture perfect. A role model isn’t just one person. A role model is who you choose to be.