Tuesday Nov 15


6:00 PM Doors / 6:30 PM Show
All Ages


Vamps is a project of Hyde, the vocalist of the visual kei stars L’Arc-en-Ciel, and guitarist K.A.Z., mastermind of the industrial/alternative rock unit Oblivion Dust, who used to work with Hide of X-Japan as well. K.A.Z. and Hyde had collaborated since 2003, and in 2006 K.A.Z. co-wrote Hyde’s third solo album, Faith, but it was only in 2008 that they finally made their musical relationship official, announcing the creation of Vamps, which was to be recording on its own label Vamprose. L’Arc-en-Ciel scheduled a three-year hiatus, while Oblivion Dust, which ended its own six-year break in 2007, was meant to go on with K.A.Z. splitting his time between the two bands. Vamps debuted in 2008 with the single “Love Addict,” followed by a Japan-wide “Zepp” tour of 46 stops and two more singles in 2009, paving the way for the band’s first album, the eponymous record set for the release in the summer of 2009, after the end of Vamps’ second live tour.


When done honestly, rock ‘n’ roll can stick with you for a lifetime. It rides shotgun for the whole way, soundtracking those big moments and memories. Once you hear a Citizen Zero song, you remember it.

The Detroit rock outfit—Josh LeMay [vocals], Sammy Boller [lead guitar], John Dudley [drums], and Sam Collins [bass]—deliver arena-size anthems fueled by intricate musicianship on their full-length debut album, State of Mind [Wind-up Records]. Striking a balance between edgy grunge attitude a la Stone Temple Pilots and bluesy alternative expanse reminiscent of Kings of Leon, their knack for a hook immediately resonated with a growing national fan base.


In a time when EDM and folk rock bands rule the Billboard Hot 100, the future for rock n’ roll music certainly seems bleak. With many heritage rock bands on their last legs and final tours, audiences have been left scratching their heads as to who will be the next to carry the torch for this genre of music. Though what lies ahead in the realm of rock music is uncertain, Chicago’s tenacious hard rock powerhouse, LOVEBLAST, is one of very few who dare to stand up and wave the flag for arena-ready rock n’ roll

LOVEBLAST began as singer/songwriter/guitarist, Brian Durbin’s quest to create the ultimate rock n’ roll band, and released their debut album in 2010. Their unique ability to merge the exuberant spirit of old school rock n’ roll and the crunching sound of modern hard rock has landed them the opportunity to open for some of the biggest names in rock, such as Hinder, Falling In Reverse, Bret Michaels, Saliva, Skid Row, and many others. This hybrid of classic and modern styles certainly connected with, Melodic.net critic Juha Harjula, who contends, “They have found a stunning mixture of 80’s hard rock with modern rock and every song has radio written over them.” Byrd, from 97.1 The Drive (WDRV-FM) in Chicago, took notice to the up and coming band, stating that LOVEBLAST boasts, “Great songwriting with hooks a mile wide, uniqueness and presence to stand out from the crowd AND a stellar live show… these guys have the total rock package. Very impressed!”

By 2011, they were voted Best Original Band and Best Hard Rock Band by the Chicago Rocker, and had been featured in many different international print magazines, including Classic Rock Presents AOR, Powerplay, and Fireworks. As the band began to blossom, it was clear to Brian that LOVEBLAST had grown legs. It would now take the work of four like-minded individuals who were willing and able to shoot for the stars, leading him to Brian Gilmanov (Guitar), Johnny Rox (Bass), and Nick Pappas (Drums). In 2013, the retooled LOVEBLAST released a viscous, driven EP, “Hard Liquor In Big Glasses,” to rave reviews in rock music publications all over the world. Sophie Brownlee of Sleaze Roxx describes Hard Liquor In Big Glasses as, “a well-produced fistful of heavy guitars, confident vocals, and consistently catchy writing.” Stephen Kasenda of Metal Music Archives echoes that sentiment, stating, “After the mighty debut, LOVEBLAST reached a more mature phase with this new EP. Songwriting grows bigger and the evolution of their sound is quite obvious with many influences adapted from the modern hard rock territory to the 80s hard rock style.”

2015 and beyond proves to be very promising for LOVEBLAST as they are about to hit the road with FASTER PUSSYCAT on their Sping US tour. LOVEBLAST is also establishing a presence on the US rock festival circuit, with appearances booked for ROCK FEST (Cadott, WI), Rocklahoma (Pryor, OK), and Rockin’ The Farm (Wauconda, IL). The band is currently hard at work on a follow up release to Hard Liquor In Big Glasses.