Saturday Oct 19
React Presents

Yoke Lore EXES

8:00 PM Doors / 9:00 PM Show
17 & Over

Yoke Lore

Absolutes, the new EP from New York indie-pop act Yoke Lore, explores the grey areas between black and white ideas while building upon the lush, sonic palette of his past works. The new music finds multi-instrumentalist, dancer, and visual artist Adrian Galvin polishing his heartfelt anthems and ruminating on finding balance amid respective oppositions by breaking through the notion that truth necessitates purity.


EXES | Bottom Lounge

Driven by post-youth nostalgia and the people of their past, EXES — a bicoastal duo, fronted by Allie McDonald and producer Mike Derenzo — invite listeners into the whimsically romantic world of their design. Allie’s lyrical intimacy combined with Mike’s sonic intricacy allow the duo to create a detail-oriented sort of indie pop; equal parts affectionate and vulnerable in production, lyrics, and melody.