Saturday Oct 11


8:00 PM Doors / 9:00 PM Show
17 & Over


Some of you may have heard of a record we put out on Tooth & Nail Records a little while back called “Catch for us the Foxes.” Well that little while back is going to be 10 years on October 15th of this year. Yes, its hard to believe, we know, it will soon be a full decade of Foxes. It is no secret that the album has been a much-lauded fan favorite of our catalog. And in many ways it is the album that helped launched the career of our band and set us on the path where we find ourselves today. That is why for our 10 Year Anniversary of the album we are going to be celebrating in a couple different ways. The first of which we’d like to announce right now

We will be playing “Catch for us the Foxes” in its entirety, front-to-back, from Torches Together to Son of a Widow


The Appleseed Cast is a band from Lawrence, KS.  They formed in 1997, and released the first album in 1998.  They have since released seven albums, including Illumination Ritual in April of 2013.


Hop Along is Frances Quinlan, Mark Quinlan, Tyler Long, and Joe Reinhart.  The band, often described simply as playing the style of alternative rock, resides in the great city of Philadelphia.

Get Disowned (2012) is their first full-length release. It was made piece by piece, over the course of two years, in an inhabited warehouse in North Philadelphia.