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Please check out our FAQ’s below. If you’re not finding what you’re looking for, please send an email to [email protected] and your questions will be addressed asap.

Booking, Production, Advance Info: [email protected]
Wedding + Private Events: [email protected]
Media Requests: [email protected]
Ticketing Issues: [email protected]
General Inquiries: [email protected]

Q: What is your COVID policy?

A: Following guidelines provided by the City of Chicago, as of February 28 Bottom Lounge will no longer require proof of full vaccination for entry or require that patrons wear masks while inside of Bottom Lounge. This policy is subject to change to meet circumstances as necessary. Please check our website or ticketing pages before arriving at the venue in the event that our policy changes via legal mandate or performer request.

For more information on COVID-19, vaccines & resources please visit

Please understand that this is a complex issue and policy could change at any time. We will keep you updated via social media and our website if and when updates are available. Any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].


Q: What is Bottom Lounge?

A: Bottom Lounge is a music hall, a restaurant, a place to watch the Blackhawks, get a ride to the game on our bus or stop on your way to and from the United Center. It’s also available for private parties and events.


Q: How old do I have to be to go to Bottom Lounge?

A: That depends on what you’re coming here for. Our shows have different age restrictions on them and those are always listed on each show on the website, so be sure to check the show you want to go to. The restaurant and the rooftop deck are 21 & over.


Q: The show I want to go to is 17 & Over and I am 16 and 9/10ths years old! Can I come anyway?

A: You’re a little old to be saying your age in fractions, friend. You can come if you bring a parent or legal guardian. Your parent or legal guardian. Not your older brother/sister/cousin, not your uncle not your friend’s uncle not your uncle’s friend, and not your friend that is an adult. The city has rules and those rules contain curfew laws that are not up to us.


Q: How do I buy tickets?

A: There’s a link on each show page that says “tickets”, you can get them there. If you would rather talk to a human being on the phone, you can call TicketWeb at 1-866-777-8932.


Q: How do I get there?

A: Bottom Lounge is one and a half blocks east of the Ashland stop on the Green and Pink CTA lines, as well as the Ashland bus. If you’re driving or biking, we recommend checking Google.


Q: What about parking?

A: We have a small, but free lot adjacent to the club. Street parking in the area is fairly easy and there are no meters. Please keep in mind there are parking restrictions on any street in Chicago and you should always be sure to look for any signs explaining those near your car. 


Q: Do you have a dress code?

A: We need you to have clothes on most of your body, including shoes. Other than that, we don’t really care what you are wearing as long as it doesn’t potentially cause an injury to someone else.


Q: Can I bring my camera?

A: Generally speaking, any camera other than the camera on your phone requires media credentials. If you want to shoot professionally or cover an event for a publication, you will need to get permission from the artist’s management to get a media pass.


Q: Can I bring my backpack?

A: Backpacks are allowed in the venue, yes. However, it will be inspected by security upon your arrival. Prohibited items include: drugs, alcohol, food & drink, weapons, and anything else that would impede on others’ ability to enjoy the show. Additionally, we will not be able to check your bag in our coat check, so be prepared to lug them around with you all night.


Q: Do you allow flowtoys?

A: We do not allow hula hoops, poi, wands, or staffs. Hydration packs are also not allowed. Gloves and goggles are fine.


Q: Do you have a coat check?

A: We do! It is open seasonally (give us a call to double-check) at $5 per item, cash only. No bags or purses, though, so please plan accordingly.


Q: The show is sold out, how do I get tickets?

A: If a show is sold out, we don’t have any more tickets to sell you, plain and simple. We’d love to sell you some more but we can’t because we are out, that’s why we are telling you it is sold out. We STRONGLY DISCOURAGE purchasing tickets from a “third party” (scalpers/StubHub/Seat Geek, etc) because if there is a problem, (and there frequently are) with your ticket being fake, we cannot help you. If spending way too much money on a ticket that might be fake is worth the risk, know that if there is a problem you are on your own to get your money back from whoever sold it to you. We are getting more and more fake tickets at the door so be aware that counterfeit tickets are more common than you might realize.


Q: I want to book my band there how do I do that?

A: You can submit links to [email protected] The booking department does not accept unsolicited calls, email only.


Q: I want to throw a party at Bottom Lounge, how can I do that?

A: Great! We love hosting events and parties. You want to talk to our Event Manager, Natalie Meletsis ([email protected]).


For bands looking to book shows, please contact Kevin Singleton at [email protected].

For more information about renting Bottom Lounge for weddings or private events, please contact Natalie Meletsis at [email protected].

For general inquiries, please contact [email protected].