Riot Fest Presents
Origami Angel, Pool Kids, Insignificant Other
with Origami Angel, Pool Kids, Insignificant Other
Sat 10/22/2022 8:00 pm CDT (Doors: 7:00 pm )
All Ages
Origami Angel
Two-piece indie emo rock group from the greater Washington DC area. Bringing more heavy guitars and drumbeats to the Emo genre.
The band has so far released 4 EPs, 6 singles, and 2 full-length LPs. Their EP Gen 3 had nods to the Pokémon franchise in its lyrics and album art, and other songs on their other EPs also focused on the role of video games in the band members' upbringings. Their first LP, Somewhere City, is a concept record about a fictional place of comfort that only exists as a mindset. The lyrics on Somewhere City center around overcoming hardships through strong friendships, and this would continue to be a theme for the duo. Two of the singles for that record were leaked early via an ARG held by the band and Chatterbot records. Their second album, GAMI GANG, was released on April 30, 2021, expanding on their sound but still focusing on upbeat themes.
Pool Kids
Pool Kids are energy. Raw, sporadic, and indisputably authentic, the four piece group originally hails from Tallahassee, FL. Pool Kids, the band’s masterful self-titled album, fuses fan-favorite math and art rock familiarities with a tide of emotional and technical growth, engulfing the listener in a wave of impassioned indie rock angst. ‘Pool Kids’ is the first studio album to include writing contributions from new additions Nicolette Alvarez and Andy Anaya, seeing the band at their final, most kinetic form. Recorded in Seattle by producer Mike Vernon Davis, the latest LP is more crisp and polished than ever before, blending synth layers with post-hardcore guitar riffs and indie-pop textures with hot-tempered vocals. While the universal pain we all feel as we stumble into adulthood serves as the connective thread that runs through each of the songs on the album, the individual songs subject matter cover a dynamic emotional range. From everything to coping with trauma, the dissolution of romantic relationships, disillusionment with and shedding of friendships, and more, all while maintaining the power, humor, and resilience that defines the band
Insignificant Other